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Domino's Fundraising Cards:  50% profit, no chance of loss, no up front cost.  For 15 years we helped millions of people change lives one pizza card at a time!


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October Anniversaries!

Stephanie Berman

Happy 5-year anniversary to our amazing Atlanta Fundraising Specialist, Nikki! All her hard work and dedication has helped so many children in her community! She spreads so much joy and enthusiasm to the schools she works with and to all of us! We’re so very lucky to have her and appreciate everything she does! We love you, Nikki!

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Happy 3-year anniversary to our outstanding Customer Care Specialist, Caci! She works so hard to help all of her co-workers and customers and we appreciate her so much! Her kindness always brightens our day and she always finds a way to make us smile! Thanks for being so awesome, Caci!

Happy Anniversary Caci!.jpg

September Anniversaries!

Stephanie Berman

Happy 3-year anniversary to our HR superstar, Nicole! You’ve built a fantastic team and you’re always there for all of us. You brighten everyone’s day with your warmth and kindness and you make Platinum such an awesome place to work. Thank you so much for all you do! We are so lucky to have you!

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Happy 4-year anniversary to our sensational sales manager, Kelli! She is an amazing role model and leader who brings so much positive energy and enthusiasm to our team every day. We’re so lucky to have her. Thanks for all you do, Kelli!

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Happy Anniversary Platinum Fundraising!

Stephanie Berman


Platinum Fundraising is proud to announce the commencement of our 20th year changing lives one pizza card at a time! Developed and spearheaded by founder Christy Mullins, Platinum Fundraising’s Slice the Price program was designed to help change the lives of children! The partnership with Domino’s franchisees was natural, as both organizations share a parallel belief of the importance of helping children in need. By providing exceptional care and service to our schools, youth organizations, sports teams, we’re helping Domino’s be the #1 pizza company in the world and in every neighborhood!

Originating in South Florida in July 1999, our program has since expanded to numerous counties across 13 states, including Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, Ohio, Indiana, Louisiana, Tennessee, Michigan, and Illinois. Throughout that time, Platinum Fundraising has helped 32,539 schools, sports teams, youth groups, and non-profits raise much needed funds for everything from school supplies and field trip fees, to new uniforms and sports equipment. To date, we have helped these organizations raise over $14.5 million dollars!

Our team is passionate about helping teachers, coaches, and volunteers raise the funds they need for programs that help their communities. “I honestly love seeing my groups raise any amount of funds for their team, school or organization.  No group or team is too small to help,” says Nikki Lees, Atlanta Fundraising Specialist. Our partnership with Domino’s pizza has allowed us to develop a program that can help give kids opportunities and resources they would not have otherwise had. "The most satisfying part of my job is knowing that I make a difference!" says Sales Manager, Kelli Danneker.

In addition to helping kids and communities, Platinum is known for putting the fun in fundraising! We put our all into creating a vibrant workplace where positivity is a non-negotiable. “They really make you feel like family!” says Customer Care Specialist, Caci Lignelli. "Knowing that we are making a difference for so many schools, teachers and students with so many amazing people on our team is my favorite thing about Platinum! We get the opportunity to help others achieve their goals every day and that’s an awesome feeling!" This sentiment is echoed throughout our team. Customer Care Specialist, Matt Danneker, says “I love coming to work, and knowing that we are helping people makes it fun!"

Prioritizing a positive, productive, and fun work environment comes naturally to founder, Christy Mullins, who holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. In addition to the benefits of a happy and healthy workplace, Christy also knows how important it is for kids to have opportunities to participate in activities like team sports. A youth and college basketball player, she understands the positive impact it can have. Through athletics, she learned at a young age the basic principles of hard work and dedication. Knowing that our program can help give kids the chance to participate in activities like team sports and school clubs is truly one of the best things about Platinum Fundraising. “We simply MUST help children who need us in any way possible!” says Christy. “Children cannot help themselves, so it is our responsibility to make a difference.”

As we continue to grow, our vision remains the same: to make a positive difference in the lives of children and change lives one pizza card at a time!

To learn more about Platinum Fundraising and our easy, risk-free fundraiser, visit or give us a call at 866-252-6103.