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1650 Southeast 17th Street Ste 400
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33316
United States


Domino's Fundraising Cards:  50% profit, no chance of loss, no up front cost.  For 15 years we helped millions of people change lives one pizza card at a time!


Platinum Perks

  • OUR NEWEST PLATINUM PERK: Unlimited yoga sessions at the Yoga Joint next door! Namaste.

  • Let’s start at the beginning! Our cereal bar is always stocked, so you can join your new friends for a free breakfast every morning!

  • Speaking of mornings, gourmet coffee from around the world is always on tap! We have a variety of teas as well!

  • Ever get sleepy at work? Not here! We encourage you to bust a move during our dance video breaks and scavenger hunts!

  • Ball out at lunch! We have a basketball hoop so you can shoot around outside.



  • Speaking of balls, there are yoga balls available to replace your chair if you want to work on your core!

  • Monthly catered lunches allow us to eat as a family and enjoy great local grub!

  • We also have a monthly celebration for our birthdays and team member of the month!

  • We can be pretty creative with themed parties and contests!

  • If you need a hug from a furry-four-legged-friend, we have a service dog on staff!

  • We have gone green! We use glassware, silverware, and ceramic plates and bowls. Our filtration system eliminates the need for water bottles (and quite literally, some of our walls are the brightest green)!


  • The letters JPD mean a LOT to us! That’s because we celebrate successes by having “Jammy Pants Days.” That’s right…. bust out your PJs and your slippers and roll on it to work!

  • How do we stay inspired? We are located on the top floor and our entire office is lined with six-foot windows allowing for a beautiful view of sunshine and palm trees!

  • We are located less than 3 miles from the beach, Las Olas, and downtown, making after-work festivities right at your fingertips!

  •  Speaking of festivities, we enjoy organized and spontaneous team outings such as beach days, happy hours, or game nights!

  • We also organize monthly philanthropic outings. Anywhere from saving baby sea turtles, to making dinner for homeless, to playing with foster children!

  • We want our team members to be both happy and healthy! In addition to our health care benefits, we offer a health care challenge! Get points for your healthy activities! When you hit a certain targets, we'll celebrate your accomplishment with a gift card!