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Domino's Fundraising Cards:  50% profit, no chance of loss, no up front cost.  For 15 years we helped millions of people change lives one pizza card at a time!


I want to run a fundraiser!

Thanks for taking the time to consider using our Domino's fundraiser! Click the FAQs below to find your answers. Let us know if we can help, 866-252-6103!

+How much money can we earn from this fundraiser?

That depends on how many participants you have, how high you set your goal and how accountable you hold your participants. Your group will profit $5.00 for every card sold. Below is a table that shows the profit based off of setting a goal of 12, 15 and 20 cards sold per participant.

# in Group 12 card goal 15 card goal 20 card goal
1 $60 $75 $100
5 $300 $375 $500
10 $600 $750 $1,000
15 $900 $1,125 $1,500
20 $1,200 $1,500 $2,000
25 $1,500 $1,875 $2,500
30 $1,800 $2,250 $3,000
35 $2,100 $2,625 $3,500
40 $2,400 $3,000 $4,000
45 $2,700 $3,375 $4,500
50 $3,000 $3,750 $5,000
60 $3,600 $4,500 $6,000
70 $4,200 $5,250 $7,000
80 $4,800 $6,000 $8,000
90 $5,400 $6,750 $9,000
100 $6,000 $7,500 $10,000
110 $6,600 $8,250 $11,000
120 $7,200 $9,000 $12,000
130 $7,800 $9,750 $13,000
140 $8,400 $10,500 $14,000
150 $9,000 $11,250 $15,000
160 $9,600 $12,000 $16,000
170 $10,200 $12,750 $17,000
180 $10,800 $13,500 $18,000
190 $11,400 $14,250 $19,000
200 $12,000 $15,000 $20,000
250 $15,000 $18,750 $25,000
300 $18,000 $22,500 $30,000
350 $21,000 $26,250 $35,000
400 $24,000 $30,000 $40,000
450 $27,000 $33,750 $45,000
500 $30,000 $37,500 $50,000
550 $33,000 $41,250 $55,000
600 $36,000 $45,000 $60,000
700 $42,000 $52,500 $70,000
800 $48,000 $60,000 $80,000
900 $54,000 $67,500 $90,000
1100 $66,000 $82,500 $110,000
1300 $78,000 $97,500 $130,000
1500 $90,000 $112,500 $150,000
1700 $102,000 $127,500 $170,000
1900 $114,000 $142,500 $190,000
2100 $126,000 $157,500 $210,000

+I want to get started. What is the next step?

All you have to do is contact our home office at 866-252-6103. A Customer Care Specialist will connect you with your Fundraising Specialist and they will talk to you about the specifics of your program and how we can best help you!

+Can we do the fundraiser for longer than 2 weeks?

We have found that 2 weeks is the perfect amount of time to run our fundraiser. Any shorter is not long enough for the fundraiser to be fruitful and any longer, people start to forget about it. Just let us know if you have a scheduling conflict with the two weeks and we will see what we can do.

+How much does this fundraiser cost?

There are no upfront costs for this fundraiser! The Slice the Price cards are sold by your group for $10.00 per card on an order form basis. The participants will turn in the full $10.00 per card sold to you. You will then send in the order forms and $5.00 per card sold to us, keeping the remaining $5.00 per card. You have your profit as soon as the participants turn in their fundraisers to you.

+When will we receive our 50% of the profit?

When your participants turn in their order to you! Once you have collected all of the money from your participants you would deposit the funds into your account and pay us our 50% from there. You have your profit right away!

+How long is the card good for?

The cards expire on either June 30th or Decemeber 31st. If your fundraiser starts between July 1st and December 31st then your cards would expire June 30th of the following year. If your fundraiser starts between January 1st and June 30th then your cards would expire December 31st of that year.

+What types of groups can do this fundraiser?

Any group that is a non-profit can do this fundraiser. A few quick examples are school clubs, school sports teams, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, recreational leagues, adult leagues, VFW's, preschools, gymnastics teams, dance teams, travel basketball, travel soccer, travel baseball, youth football, Popwarner...

+When will we receive the t-shirts/camp outfits if we qualify?

Once you have turned in your order and we have seen that you qualify for t-shirts or camp outfits we will shoot you an email with the directions on how to do the designs. It ultimately depends on how long it takes to get the design to a place where you are happy. Once that is done it takes around 2 to 3 weeks to get the shirts printed, shorts delivered if applicable and shipped back out to you.

+When will we receive the prizes?

If you do a prize program then the prizes will be delivered when you receive your cards. We typically get the cards and prizes back around a week after we receive the order fully paid in our office.

+What is the minimum number of participants you need to run the fundraiser?

There is no minimum! We are happy to help groups of all sizes. From small clubs to huge elementary schools we are able to help!

+Can we have the cards before we start the fundraiser?

Our fundraiser is designed to be run on an order form basis. The participants take orders, collect the money, turn it into you or the sponsor running the fundraiser, that person ships the remaining 50% and order forms off to us and we return the cards within about a week. This protects your organization from any chance of loss. If you would like to have the cards in hand when doing the fundraiser you are more than welcome to purchase cards upfront, but there is a strict no return policy. For this reason we do not advise purchasing cards up front. We have also found that groups do significantly better when using the order forms.

+How long have you been doing this fundraiser?

We have been doing this fundraiser since 1999. We started out in South Florida and have slowly expanded north! Check out of our participation states!

+What happens if we don't sell any cards?

There is no penalty or charge for having no results. This is truly a risk free fundraiser. As a company we need to make money to exist, but not at the expense of our customers.

+How soon can we start?

That all depends on where you are located! It is safe to assume that you can start next week on this day(unless it is the weekend) but give us a call and we can give you a better idea!




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